A positive patient experience is one of our top priorities at AHG 

Included are some examples of the types of comments AHG receives:

"My case manager was excellent, especially in helping me navigate through health and financial tangles, making a big difference." - Ed. S. 

"She was caring, helpful with information, very responsive to any questions/concerns and intentional in her interactions from the beginning until my case was closed. She brought a comfort knowing I had an advocate on my side during this unexpected health care journey. She is the type of person everyone wants on their team to beat cancer!" - John M. 

"She was the utmost considerate, compassionate, knowledgeable and friendly person. She was absolutely fabulous and just what I needed." - Ben. M. 

"She was one of the best nurse and nurse case managers I've worked with in my 20-years healthcare administration experience." - Myra C. 

"My nurse case manager's research and communication with my neurologist office saved me about $270 per infusion, plus the two-hour drive!" - Janis D. 

"Efficient and excellent communication. One of the few insurance plans I'm happy to work with." Sue J.